Photography Studio

Welcome to my photography studio.  When I started teaching nine years ago I sort of “fell” into photography.  While I did graduate from college with a BFA and teaching degree I never actually took a photography class!  The weeks before school started, that first year of teaching, became a crash course in manual photography for me.  Thank goodness my Father-in-law is a professional photographer.  I’ve picked his brain many times and he’s become a valuable resource and inspiration to me.  I’ve been teaching photography for many years now.   My work and ability has developed and progressed over the years and I really enjoy photography now .  It has become one of my passions.  Here you can see some of my favorites.  Thanks for stopping by.

feet face hand

mueller fam 2

hill fam 6

dad feet

Gabriel 6

gabe 4th



kaia duo

boyle family 2

tree and water

muellers vertical


A kimandjustin 2


aaron and sarah color

Kaia ballerina 5

kaia collage

boyles 2

me, oct 2009


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